The Latest in Diabetes Management

A fully-integrated, all-in-one blood glucose meter


Easy one-touch testing and no need for additional supplies. The Trio® represents a new era for blood glucose monitoring that can provide the freedom of painless testing with no lancet or blood droplet required, and up to 20 fully complete glucose tests in a small disposable cartridge. Never have to handle lancets or strips again and no need for additional supplies.

Pepex is a Medical Device Company

Pepex® Biomedical is a medical device company specializing in developing, manufacturing, and marketing disposable miniaturized electrochemical biosensors. The company’s proprietary position is derived from two distinct platform technologies. The combined platforms provide a completely new approach to sensor architectures and have utility in a broad array of medical applications.

Pepex’s miniaturized biosensors can be placed subcutaneously or used ex-vivo for continuous monitoring. These advanced sensor designs provide the structure for Pepex to develop new products and methods for measuring metabolic analytes at the cellular level for improved patient care and diagnostics in humans. The company has a profoundly comprehensive patent estate which protects its novel technology worldwide.