Blood Glucose Testing Use Cases

Composite Conductive Monofilament (CCM®), 3 Electrode (3E™), and Lansing Sensor (LS®) Platform Technology
Combined with Pepex proprietary “Sensor Module” designs , revolutionize bio-sensor medical diagnostics with limitless applications.

Single Point 3E LS Sensor Module for blood meters

Single Point 3E LS Sensor Module made for Hand-held Meters

Button Style 3E LS Sensor Module for Single or Continuous Monitoring

3E Catheter Style Sensor Module for In-Hospital Diagnostics

Inline 3 Electrode Sensor Module Used in Drug Therapy Monitoring & intervention


The mTrio® design achieves full integration of the single point glucose test procedure with one button functionality using two Pepex proprietary technologies:  “Composite Conductive Monofilament” CCM® and “Lancing Sensor” LSTM.  The test sequence is performed by a self-contained sensor that produces a virtually painless test result in less than 3 seconds eliminating the use of blood blood droplets or separate lancet.

Diabetic users avoid the use of sharps and test strips, and up to twenty disposable glucose tests are contained in a single-use, snap in cartridge. Combined with the latest M2M and wireless communications, mTrio® is the ideal cloud based solution for all self –testing diabetics.


“Pepex’s advanced biosensors enable an easy to use medical device that sets mTrio® apart from the rest of the industry.”