Indwelling Micro Sensors

Ex Vivo Catheter

As diabetes care advances so does the demand for management systems capable of continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels with the seamless administration of insulin.

Until recently the industry has focused on either one side of the equation or the other. There are those exclusive to the development of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and others with expertise in drug delivery and more specifically insulin delivery systems.

With CCM Sensors Pepex is poised to provide solutions to both discrete monitoring for accurate insulin dosing or continuous monitoring. The company has identified multiple candidates in each fields of expertise that could be excellent strategic partners.

Under this scenario Pepex could negotiate multiple joint development contracts, granting nonexclusive rights to each strategic partner in order to adapt CCM sensor technology to their devices. With each potential partner there would be the expectation for them to meet minimum target sales generating add-on revenues from long-term royalty agreements.

By combining Pepex’s CCM Sensor platform with Dr. Heller’s advanced WiredEnzymeTMchemistry, including closely controlled IP for wireless communications, married with the right insulin delivery component, the system could easily become the gold standard that would monopolize the diabetic market.

Pepex would ultimately be the component supplier in a typical “Blade / Razor Blade” agreement providing CCM disposable sensors with optimized WiredEnzymeTMchemistry under a totally exclusive agreement.