Trio® Family of Blood Glucose Products

mTrio® – M2M Wireless Glucose Meter

Pepex provides the most advanced Cloud Infrastructure required in today’s world of Mobile Health as a complete diabetes management solution.

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M2M (Machine to Machine)

Trio® Blood Glucose Meter

Trio® integrated blood glucose meter is an all-in-one design that combines all test materials into the hand-held meter with no need to purchase additional supplies.

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Trio® Mini Blood Glucose Meter

Trio® Mini is an even smaller version of the Trio® designed to provide the ultimate in simplicity and convenience.

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In-Hospital Diagnostic Sensors

gPod for In-Hospital Diagnostics using the g-Pod sensor module

Trio g-Pod is a multi-patient clinical monitoring system. It eliminates cross contamination and can serve a blue ocean opportunity in the hospital setting where no specifically designed SMBG instrument meets the complete needs of the clinical setting.

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using the g-Pod sensor module

Ex-Vivo Diagnostic Monitors

The introduction of Pepex’s lactate trend monitoring system, either as an Ex-Vivo diagnostic monitor or as a short duration indwelling device will facilitate the potential for earlier intervention.

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Indwelling Micro Sensors

As diabetes care advances so does the demand for management systems capable of continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels with the seamless administration of insulin.

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